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TableTop Day Report 2014

TableTop Day kicked off at 11am with a Ticket To Ride tournament, with 6 of playing we split up into two three player games playing on the Europe map. Tempting fate I decided to keep all of my tickets and despite not managing to complete one of the shorter ones (I ran out of trains!) I still pulled off the victory.

The two of us who won our first game then played a two player game on the India map. Unfortunately as it was my first time playing on this map, I didn’t realise how fast the trains would run out and a walk over defeat left my train company in ruins.

While the final was going on there was a Lords of War tournament taking place. After it had finished I took part in a quick five player game of Stak Bots, my prowess over the robot junkyard was complete as I took victory. This was followed up with a game of Dixit where I proved not to be quite as proficient lagging quite a way behind the eventual winner.

Moving onto a very popular and one of my favourite games, Dominion! Three highly contested games with randomly picked action cards. I won one of them, though we added in the promotional Black Market cards in the last game and we all fell victim to useful one of cards that were purchased from it.

A quick break for some food and more players arriving all the time, Discworld: Ankh-Morpork was up next for me. Unfortunately I showed my hand too early and eventually lost as the other three players were busy stopping me from achieving me goal while one of them managed to sneak through their own victory condition. With others then taking their chance to go grab some food I did a demo game of the delightful Love Letter.

Decided to round the day off with a 7 player game of Cosmic Encounter, used the basic rules as it was the first game for most of them and it ended really quickly with lots of attacking and not much defensive support. A quick redraw of alien powers and we had time to fit in another game with just 6 of us. This time round it was much more tense with alliances forming and breaking and everyone reaching 4 of the needed 5 foreign colonies to win. An encounter in my home system at this point with a successful negotiation meant I shared in a joint 2 player victory! A great way to round the day off and I can’t wait to do it all again.


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