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What’s My Word

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The classic two player deductive word game.

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What's My Word

What’s My Word is a classic two player portable word game that involves deduction. The game takes place over two rounds, the first trying to work out a 6 letter word and the second a 7 letter word.

Each player takes one of the coloured (red or purple) game folders and writes in their word for the opponent to guess at the top. Players then take it in turns to suggest a word to the opponent using letters they think may be in the target word and receives back a number of points based on how well it matches up. If the letter is in the word and in the same position on the grid then you get 1000 points, or if the letter is in the word but in a different position then you get 250 points, if the letter isn’t in the word it gets 0 points.

Using the point values you get players have to try and deduce what the target word is, though even if you think you know it, your further guesses should try to maximise the number of points they score. It’s only the final guess that you need to actually give the target word and hopefully pick up the maximum points.

The player with the most points over the two rounds is the winner.

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