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The Resistance: Avalon

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Can Merlin and the forces of good succeed on missions while the forces of evil try and interfere?

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The Resistance: Avalon

The Resistance: Avalon is a game of deduction that takes place over 5 missions. The forces of good have been infiltrated by the forces of evil though their identities are unknown. While the evil players know the identities of each other it is only Merlin from the forces of good who know who is who.

The game takes place over 5 quests with the forces of good always voting for success, while the evil players can choose to fail any mission they are sent on. The forces of good will win if they pass 3 of the quests while the forces of evil can win by failing three missions or working out which player is Merlin.

A great and popular game for groups of 5 to 10, pitting players against each other as the forces good try to work out who is playing for evil. While the Merlin player knows who the evil players are, they have to try and hide their identity from the evil players while also aiding the forces of good. Lies, deceit and confusion reign when playing so it’s not suitable for anyone not comfortable doing that. As long as all players realise that its just for fun and part of the game then it should go down well.

The game also has some extra role cards which swing the balance in the favour of either side and add more variety and different levels of knowledge for more players. Quick to play and one of a few strategy games that caters for groups of this size.

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