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The Ralgard Starter Fleet


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The Ralgard Starter Fleet

The building block of a naval formation is the Starter Fleet. The Ralgard are a brutal enemy, lusting after victory and always eager to engage in direct combat. Huge broadsides smash enemy vessels, crews fervently awaiting an upcoming boarding action. The Ancients may have created their ships of war, but the cold-blooded heart of a warrior controls them.

16-Page Quick Play Rulebook
Just add dice and a tape measure, and you are ready to take to the seas.  Containing the key mechanics, this is the perfect primer for the Master Rulebook.

16-Page Fleet Guide
This provides a background on the race and its different models. It includes stats for all models, full colour artwork and fleet composition rules.

1 x Battleship
3 x Cruisers
6 x Frigates
16-page Quick Play Rulebook
16-page Fleet Guide
Game Tokens
Laminated stat cards

Models supplied unpainted and unassembled.

The models are made from either resin, resin and pewter or pewter on its own. Some preparation work may be needed before assembly. We recommend that resin models are washed before painting.


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