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Super Dungeon Explore

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Take a team of heroes into the depths of a dungeon to fight against the Consul and the monsters he controls.

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Super Dungeon Explore

Super Dungeon Explore is a miniatures game (which requires some gluing together) where a team of heroes descends into a dungeon fighting their way through waves of monsters before facing and defeating the dungeon boss.

The game comes with some double sided dungeon tiles which have different layouts and obstacles on them and 52 “chibi” style miniatures. One player takes control of the monsters while the other players control the heroes. This can either be one player controlling all of them or a number of players controlling one or more each.

As the heroes fight through the dungeon they will gain treasure and equipment to make themselves more powerful. Also as they kill more monsters the power level will increase until the dungeon boss is spawned. Should the heroes defeat the boss then they will win, while the Consul will be victorious if he manages to kill all the heroes.

With the modular boards and the different hero characters the game provides you with replay value. There are also expansions available for Super Dungeon Explore with different monsters in them along with more heroes to further mix things up.

Due to the cooperative nature of the heroes side the game also works well with families as an adult can team up with children to play. As with most miniature game you also get further hobby options as some players will also enjoy painting up all the miniatures. Please note that the game contains lots of small parts and will not be suitable for young children.

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