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Stone Age

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Great family game where tribes of Stone Age people gather resources in order to build homes.

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Stone Age

Stone Age is a fine family friendly game and introduction to worker placement. Each player starts with five workers which you take turns placing them on the board to either gather food or resources (wood, brick, stone and gold), take a special action, or build a hut. When everyone has placed all their workers, you then remove them from the board, taking whatever action that area of the board provides.

Along with gathering materials in which to build homes (which are worth victory points) you will also need to make sure you have enough food to keep your workers alive. Take farming actions for permanent food production, build tools to increase resource gathering, or even send two workers to a hut so they can produce another worker.

You can also trade your resources for civilisation cards, these give you both an instant bonus and extra ways to earn victory points, either by collecting sets of the different artefacts, or multipliers based on the number of workers, tools, or buildings you have. The game ends when one of the stack of buildings has run out and the player with the most points after all the scoring is the winner.

The artwork in Stone Age is fantastic (even the back of the board) and game play is easy to pick up. There is some simple division required when collecting resources which can be a great way to help kids learn. The worker placement aspect keeps everyone engaged each turn as you aren’t left waiting for everyone else to take their turn before you get another go.

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