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Take control of different fantasy races with varying special powers to fight over territory in a world that’s not quite big enough!

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Smallworld is a popular family game where players select a fantasy race which will have a different special power every game and then fight over areas of a map. However the map just isn’t quite big enough for everyone and you vie for space by wiping out the opposing races.

The varied combinations of the 14 races and 20 power combinations change with every game which will alter the areas of the map each combination will want to go for. Each race has their own specific ability and gets combined with one of the different special powers. Every territory you control is worth one coin at the end of your turn and various powers can give you bonuses on certain terrain, or make certain attacks easier. As your race begins to die out from attacks, or has spread too far to expand further, players will have to make the decision when to go into decline and select a new combination for the following turn. The player at the end of the game with the most coins is the winner.

With the combinations being different each game there is added replay value as you get to try out different combos. The game also comes with 2 double sided game boards specific to different numbers of players, ranging from 2 to 5. You can also expand the game with more races, powers and other game boards, such as the underground version and the 6 player map.

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