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Manic and often hilarious races between robots across a dangerous factory floor.

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RoboRally sees up to 8 players players taking simultaneous turns where they program movements into their robots in order to race between check  points in a dangerous factory.

The game comes with double sided modular factory boards which have walls, moving conveyor belts, pits, lasers and repair points. Players all take their turns at the same time which causes chaos and confusion on the game board while not leaving players waiting between turns.

As robots move around the board heading for the check points, they can move into each other pushing others out the way. This can shove them in front of a laser, or onto a conveyor belt moving them somewhere that wasn’t planned. The more players there are the more hilarity can ensue, especially as inevitably someone realises they played the wrong card, or end up with a hand of cards that are no help at all! All the robots also have a laser mounted on the front to damage the others. As damage accumulates on a robot they become harder to control as their program registers get stuck on the same command until they repair.

Also included are optional cards which have upgrades such a rear laser, crab legs, circuit breaker and dual processor. Finish a turn on an upgrade square and you get to draw one of these cards, or optionally deal a random one out to each player at the start.

RoboRally is a great game as long as you have a sense of humour, the chaos can either result in laughter or may end up causing frustration. With the right players though its a great fit and not many games will cater for 8 at a time.

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