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Puerto Rico – Ltd Anniversary Edition


LAST COPY, dented box. Become a Governor of Puerto Rico and develop the island to product goods to ship back to Europe.

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Puerto Rico - Ltd Anniversary Edition

Puerto Rico sees players competing to product various goods to ship to Europe to achieve the most victory points.

Each player has their own plot which they have to develop and each turn they have to select from various roles. Every player then gets to perform the action of that role, with the one who chose it getting a bonus. Play goes on like this until every player has selected a role. Unselected roles that turn will get a bonus doubloon placed upon it for whoever selects that role in future turns. The first player every turn passes to the left and the order each role is selected every turn will affect every player.

You can build various buildings which can affect how much you can grow and also store, you will also need plantations in which to grow produce. Both buildings and plantations will need colonists to work them. Also during a turn you can load goods onto a ship in order to trade them. You need to be careful with what you produce as you may find yourself in a position with more goods than you can either trade or store.

This Limited Anniversary Edition of Puerto Rico sees upgraded higher quality components (thicker card, wooden crates and metal coins) and redesigned artwork, along with two expansions (New Buildings and Nobles) for the game bundled in the box.


This last remaining copy has a dented lid along the top on the front as highlighted by the white box. It’s not overly obvious and pretty easy to miss. As you can tell it is still shrink wrapped and hasn’t been opened.

Click on the image to see a higher resolution in more detail. Please don’t purchase if you aren’t happy to accept this condition.

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