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Pandemic 2013

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In a world struggling with disease different specialists need to work together to eradicate them and save mankind!

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Pandemic 2013

Pandemic is a very popular co-operative game where players take control of disease fighting specialists with different abilities in order to fight 4 types of disease that is spreading around the globe.

Each player will have four actions which they can use to move between cities and treat infections. Players also draw from a deck of cards looking for sets of the same colour which they can use at a research station to find a cure. Each of the different diseases requires a separate cure and players win the game by curing all four.

Things aren’t that straight forward though at the end of every turn players have to draw a infection cards to see which cities gets infected next as the diseases spread. Also spread throughout the cure deck are Epidemic! cards which create a more serious outbreak and reset the drawn infection cards back to the top of the infection pile. Every time that occurs means players are likely drawing cards further infecting diseased cities, if too many infections occur in a single city then an Outbreak will occur causing the disease to spread to neighbouring cities.

Players will need to work together to both find the cures and fight the infections to keep them in control. Everyone has their own special ability that they can also use as one of their actions each turn and making best use of those will help you win the game. As Epidemics and Outbreaks occur the game will get harder and if too many of either happens then players will lose the game.

Pandemic is one of the most played games, let alone probably the most successful co-operative game and a great way to start out your gaming collection. The co-operative nature makes it great for families working together or for those players who don’t enjoy games with fighting and confrontation.

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