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Mage Knight


Mage Knights build armies, collect spells, explore the world, battle monsters and conquer cities across the Atlantean Empire!

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Mage Knight

Mage Knight is a game of truly epic proportions as players control a powerful Mage Knight across a range of scenarios. This game offers many different elements of play that makes describing it difficult. You can play solo games or with up to 4 players. There are scenarios where you have to cooperate with the other players, compete against them facing the obstacles in the world, or even fight directly against each other as well as the normal dangers you face.

The game combines elements of RPGs, deck building and traditional board games as you start with a low level Mage and build up reputation (good and bad) and experience. Build up your army, gain skills, spells and powerful artefacts. Explore the land in search for cities to conquer, fight rampaging monsters, visit monasteries (and maybe burn it down). Collect crystals and manipulate mana and plan your tactics and movement carefully depending if its day or night.

Mage Knight is an in depth game and far from simple. It’s a game that sprawls and takes up space as well as time to play. It contains four pre painted Mage Knight miniatures, along with a gorgeous looking set of map tiles. Like a good book it’s a game you can get lost in. One of the two rule book teaches the game as you play along following the starter scenario and the solo game play option isn’t something many games offer. There is a lot rammed into the box but if you find yourself craving even more there are some expansions offering new Mage Knights and scenarios to add to the game.

While it’s certainly not a game for everyone if you are after a game that packs a lot and is as much of an experience as it is a game then you can’t go far wrong here.

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