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Machi Koro Harbour Expansion

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The Machi Koro Harbour expansion gives mayors a City Hall, creates bigger towns, more variety and the option for a fifth player.

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Machi Koro Harbour Expansion

Harbour Expansion for Machi Koro, the Machi Koro base game is required in order to play this, extending game play from four to five possible players.

With the Harbour expansion mayors will see the size of their towns increase as they now have to build two new landmarks: the Airport and the Harbour. Players also now start with the City Hall landmark aiding players who end up with no money in the building phase.

The building phase is also far more varied now with only 10 different random establishments available each building phase which will change as establishments get built. To further increase the variety in the game a number of new establishments are also included. Both these changes mean that the availability of each establishment will come and go during a game and also vary each time you play. This causes the town mayors to adapt their strategy to what’s available each turn and also what other mayors have already built in their towns.

As a result towns are more varied towns, more replayability and slightly longer gameplay, whilst still retaining the fun yet simple game that was introduced in the base game.

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