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King of Tokyo

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Battle with giant monsters as they try to take control of Tokyo.

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King of Tokyo

King of Tokyo is a fairly quick game that sees players take control of a giant monster trying to either be the first to 20 points or be the last one left standing. Works well for almost any group of players and goes down really well with kids.

A simple game to play with a turn mostly consisting of throwing 6 large dice to either get points, heal your monster, attack other monsters or get power cubes which you can exchange for special abilities. Players get three throws of the dice keeping any they want between each throw. The first one to attack gets control of Tokyo which gives you a point and also gains more points if you can stay in there until your next turn.

While in Tokyo and attacks you roll will hurt all the other monsters, while all the monsters outside of Tokyo will only attack the one(s) in Tokyo.  (Two monsters can be in Tokyo if playing with 5 or 6 players.) However while you are in Tokyo you can’t use any hearts you roll to heal up damage, thankfully any time you are attacked you can choose to leave and the attacking monster takes your place.

There is also a deck of cards with various events, abilities or powers that you can purchase with power cubes which varies the game. When a monster has lost all their life they are dead and out of the game, thankfully the play time is pretty quick and dead players aren’t left waiting around too long before you can play it again or move onto another game.

King of Tokyo has been a big hit since release and was number 2 of the People’s Choice Top 100 Games in 2013. The Power Up expansion adds a further monster and also evolution powers to the game giving each monster access to specific powers.

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