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King of New York

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Battle other monsters and the military in order to get fame and get control of New York City.

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King of New York

King of New York is the follow up to the massively popular King of Toyko. This time six new monsters battle it out in New York City. Monsters are interchangeable for use with King of Tokyo, though the new power cards are specific to battles in New York.

Featuring a bigger board with a district for each mosnter you will find a few new changes in King of New York. You have the ability to destroy buildings, which can attract military forces to further hinder you. Destroying buildings gives you bonuses but the more destruction you cause the greater the military build up against you will become! Achieve Fame which generates more Victory Points though your superstar status will fade. Along with those new changes you will get six new dice and new power cards to go along with the new changes in game play.

New Monsters Include:

  • Captain Fish (Sea Monster in a Diving Suit)
  • Kong (a Giant Ape to rival King)
  • Sheriff (a T-Rex Cowboy)

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