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Two traders go head to head to win two Seals of Excellence and the privilege of an invite to the Maharaja’s court.

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Jaipur is a simple set collection card game for two players. Players take turns trading various goods and camels in order to build up a set of that good to sell. The bigger size of a set you sell at a time the bigger bonus you also collect, however first sales of most goods are also worth more. Players have to balance between building up a larger set, or getting the sale of that good first to get the most value.

Players can also trade in camels, while goods you can only swap out with existing cards of your own, or draw one card from the deck, you can choose to take all the camels and then draw replacements from the deck into the market. While having all those camels will let you swap out for more goods on your own turn, you’ve just drawn more cards for the opponent to have first chance of getting. The player with the largest herd of camels at the end also gets a bonus.

When the demand for a certain number of goods runs out, the player with the most money (from selling, bonuses and the camel bonus) gets a Seal of Excellence. Reset the game and the first player to win two seals wins. Jaipur is a simple and quick card game that blends tactics, risk and luck.

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1 review for Jaipur

  1. Danny James

    What an excellent game Jaipur is. A fast paced trading concept that involves a mixture of luck, tactics and risk.

    Don’t let its simplicity fool you, it’s deceptively clever and every move has consequences for both players resulting in a well balanced game.

    Whether this is the first time you’ve heard of it or it’s been on your radar for a while I strongly urge you to make the jump and buy it. You won’t regret it.

    The perfect two player game for off the cuff fun!

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