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Iron Dwarves Star Game Cards


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Iron Dwarves Star Game Cards

Game Cards add an interesting and exciting extension to your games of Uncharted Seas. Each race has a 26-card deck available (13 unique cards and 13 common) which can improve combat, annoy your opponent, ruin your opponent’s day, blow models up, make things go faster, add magic and much more. Although not something you have to use, we heartily encourage the use of our Game Cards to add a Fog of War to your battles.

Common Star Cards

1. Additional Activation
Allows the player to active another squadron out of turn.
2. Ball and Grape
Causes extra crew damage.
3. Built to Last
Lessens the damage effects of Critical Damage.
4. Damage Repair Party
Lets you repair one of your damaged ships.
5. Elite Gunners
Improves the chances of your Attack Dice hitting.
6. Engineering Crew
Fixes ongoing damage effects from Critical Damage.
7. Fire Buckets
Helps put our the fire of your burning ships.
8. Lucky Shot!
Can turn a near Critical hit into Critical Damage.
9. Tougher than it Looks
Reduces the number of hits from an attack.
10. Full Broadside
Gives extra Attack Dice to one Broadside attack from one of your Capital ships.
11. Upper Hand
Gives you a greater chance of winning the initiative that turn.
12. Well Aimed Shot!
Gives you a chance to adjust the type of Critical Damage on an opposing ship.
13. Changing Wind
Enables you to change the wind direction.

Iron Dwarf Specific Star Cards

14. Experimental Ammunition
Gives a random amount of Attack Dice up to Range Band 4 for a Capital ship at the risk of an explosion.
15. Armoured Belt
Gives extra protection to your ship involved in a Ram or Collision.
16. Dwarf Marines
Gives extra Melee Dice in a Boarding Action.
17. Dwarven Workmanship
Repairs a random number of Hull Points to a Squadron.
18. Extra Charge!
Gives extra range to a ships firing for that attack.
19. Iron Shod Pointy End
Improves the Ram rating of one ship.
20. It’s Just a Scratch Sir!
Recovers a random number of Crew Points to a Squadron.
21. Master of Armour
Improves the Defensive and Critical Ratings of one ship before an attack.
22. Master of Cannon
Improves chances to hit for that attack.
23. Master Shipwright
Repairs damage from some of your ships.
24. Red Hot Shot
Causes Fire on an opposing ship if you damage it.
25. Full Steam Ahead!
Gives extra movement to one of your squadrons.
26. Dwarven Gunnery
Allows your squadron to fire before moving for that activation.


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