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Imperial Assault – ISB Infiltrators

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Aid the Empire with the ISB Infiltrators Villain Pack, containing two ISB Infiltrators, new cards and extra maps for both Imperial Assault campaigns and skirmishes

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Imperial Assault - ISB Infiltrators

Few Imperial institutions command more fear than the Imperial Security Bureau. The man you pass on your way to work or the talkative woman in the cantina could be an informer. You cannot trust anyone, and in this atmosphere of stifling fear, few dare to speak of rebellion. Enforce the status quo and punish sedition in your games of Imperial Assault with the help of the ISB Infiltrators Villain Pack

This Villain Pack adds new materials to all of your campaigns and skirmish games with a new three-card Agenda set, new Command cards, additional Deployment cards, and brand-new missions for your campaigns and skirmishes. Prepare to put the fear of the Empire in your opponents! This figure pack includes two sculpted plastic figure depicting ISB Infiltrators ready for action.

If the heroes are unlucky enough to encounter them on a mission, the ISB Infiltrators prove to be dangerous combatants, using the new Hidden condition to reduce enemy accuracy and gaining surges to deal more damage and increase accuracy. More than that, each ISB Infiltrator benefits from the Coordinated Raid ability, which allows another figure in the group to interrupt and perform an attack. Obviously, more attacks can significantly increase your damage output over the course of the game.

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