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Imperial Assault – Dice Pack

MSRP: £11.99


An extra set of Imperial Assault dice to use in addition to or to replace missing ones from your base game.

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Imperial Assault - Dice Pack

An extra set of dice for your Imperial Assault campaigns. A helpful addition to the set you get with the base game. Two extra sets are recommended for campaigns as this provides you with one set for the Imperial Player and then with the maximum four Rebel players can share a set between two, which saves a lot of passing the dice around. Or for skirmish games or campaigns with less heroes just having one extra set is helpful so each player or side has their own.

Also handy if you’ve misplaced or lost some of the original dice.

  • 2x Red Attack Dice
  • 2x Blue Attack Dice
  • 2x Yellow Attack Dice
  • 2x Green Attack Dice
  • 2x Black Defence Dice
  • 1x White Defence Die

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