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Hey, That’s my Fish


Battle with other Penguins to get the most Fish!

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Hey, That's my Fish

Hey, That’s my Fish is a very simple game of Penguins moving across the ice collecting as many fish as they can. A great game to either play with kids or as a simple filler game when you’ve not got the time for anything longer. It’s also a compact game that you can easily put into a bag or your coat pocket to carry around.

To play the game start off by just randomly placing all the hex tiles in a grid and then alternate placing one Penguin at a time on a tile that only has one fish on it. Once all Penguins are placed you then take it in turns moving a single Penguin of your own colour in any straight line direction as many tiles as you please and then remove the tile they were standing on before you moved. The tile you remove is then yours to keep until the end of the game. Keep taking it in turns moving Penguins until there are no valid moves left.

You may find one or more players get trapped on a single tile with no where to move. These players will have to miss their turn until all players have all their Penguins unable to move any more. Collect all the Penguins back and the tiles they were finished on. Count up all the fish on the tiles you collected and whoever has the most is the winner.

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