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Gambit 7


A simple Quiz game where all the answers are a number and you bet on who you think came the closest.

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Gambit 7

Gambit 7 is in my opinion the definitive quiz style party game. All the answers to the questions are numbers so everyone can always give an answer that has some possibility of being right. No more losing just because you got a question about a subject you’ve no knowledge on. The closest answer without going over is what you are aiming to get.

To make things even more even, you get two betting chips to place on the board against the answers you think were closest. So the fact you had to totally guess at your answer, place your chips on who you think likely knew or got the closest guess! Points are awarded to the player who got the closest answer as well as all those who bet on it. You get even more points if you were the only player to bet on it and you can even place both your chips on the same answer. You can also bet that everyone’s answer was over the correct one, which while not common can happen and is worth the most points.

There is also a special Gambit 7 chip for every player where you can really try and boost your score. Instead of betting your two chips and being awarded points like normal you multiply your score by 7 if you were right, though go back to zero points if you weren’t.

One of the easiest games to teach and players can team up making it suitable for nearly every size of group.

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