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Flash Point: Fire Rescue

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Flash Point Fire Rescue is a cooperative family game taking control of a team of fire fighters to rescue lives.

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Flash Point: Fire Rescue

In Flash Point: Fire Rescue players work together in a cooperative team to face dangers and rescue lives.

A great family game that has various levels of rules, from the basic family ones before you move onto the three advanced levels of Recruit, Veteran and Heroic. All levels see you taking your fire fighters into a burning building, facing smoke, fire, explosions and potential building collapse in order to rescue the lives that are at risk.

The advanced rules add more dangers in the form of hazmats and hot spots though also provide you with more tools in the form of specialist roles and vehicles. Increase the difficulty with more explosions and fire at the start and add and change rules to suit. All this combined with a double side play board will provide lots of replay value and challenges for all skill levels.

Flash Point Fire Rescue Contents

  • Double Sided Gameboard
  • Rules
  • 33 Threat Markers
  • 24 Damage Markers
  • 24 Hot Spot Markers
  • 18 Places of Interest (POI) Markers
  • 6 Hazmat Markers
  • 3 Heal Tokens
  • 21 Action Tokens
  • 3 Vehicle Markers
  • 6 Firefighters
  • 8 Specialist Cards
    • Paramedic
    • Fire Captain
    • Imaging Technician
    • CAFS Firefighter
    • Hazmat Technician
    • Generalist
    • Rescue Specialist
    • Driver / Operator
  • 6 Player Cards
  • 2 Dice

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