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Explore through space, establish colonies, develop technologies, build a fleet as you battle or form alliances with the other players.

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Eclipse was an instant hit selling out very quickly when it was first printed. Players control either a human or alien faction as they all explore through space expanding to try and take control. With multiple paths to victory players compete using their preferred method to try and emerge victorious.

Eclipse isn’t the most straight forward of games with quite a few rules and things going on. Players start the game spaced out around the galactic centre and can do multiple things on their turn. Explore further into space, place new colonies to create income and gather resources, research new technologies, build and upgrade your ships, take part in space battles against the ancients and other players, form and break alliances all with the goal of generating the most victory points.

The random draw of the space tiles and the random non linear technology tree ensures each game is different. The tactics employed by the players and the different species in play also mixes things up. There are also expansions for Eclipse allowing for some epic space battles for up to 9 nine players along with several other additions.

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