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Who can build the biggest Citadel while navigating court intrigue, bluffing and diplomacy.

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Citadels is a role selection game where players secretly choose a role every turn that gives them special abilities, while they also try to build the most valuable city.

There are two phases to each turn, first starting with the King from the previous round, players take turns to take a role with both a rank and an ability. When all players have their roles they then take their turns in rank order starting from 1 going up.

On their turn they have an action which can either be take two building cards and keep one, or they can take two gold. After that they can build one of their buildings paying the building cost. Also at some point during their turn they can use the ability on their role card. The building cards come in five different colours which can also give extra income to certain role cards of the matching colour. The game ends at the end of the turn someone builds their 8th building. The winner is the one who has the most valuable city and there are some bonuses available depending on what you’ve built.

Also included in the box is the Dark City expansion which adds alternative characters which you can swap in and out for the standard roles.

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