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Who can grow and trade their way to the most profitable bean crops?

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Bohnanza is a set collection game where players trade cards in order to plant sets of the same beans. Different types of bean are worth more than others and the more you plant before you harvest them the more you can earn.

The main difference from a lot of card games is that you can’t change the order of the cards in your hand. The order they get dealt to you is the order you have to play them in. On your turn you have to plant the first card in your hand and you can also choose to plant the second card as well if you wish. If however your two bean fields already have different bean types planted in them, you will have to harvest one of them first to make room.

Players can avoid this from happening by planning ahead and you can alter the order of cards in your hand by trading away the ones you don’t want. It’s only the active player who can trade, but they can swap cards with any of the other players. All the traded cards when trading has finished aren’t put into the players hand but planted in their bean fields. Players also have the option once they’ve got enough money to buy a third bean field so they can plant three different types of beans. At the end of their turn players draw more cards from the draw pile and play passes onto the next player.

Once beans are harvested they are placed in a discard pile. Once the draw pile has been exhausted all the discards are shuffled into a new draw pile and the game ends after the draw pile has run out the third time.  All remaining beans are harvested and the one with the most money is the winner. A fun and sometimes frantic game where everyone has to pay attention during every players turn to make sure they don’t miss out on a good deal. So even if playing with the full quota of 7 players, there  isn’t much down time between turns while waiting for the action to come back round.

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