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7 Wonders

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Construct one of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient world as you research, battle or trade your way to victory.

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7 Wonders

The award winning game of 7 Wonders has been a huge success since its release in 2010. Up to 7 players take simultaneous turns to draw from a hand of cards before passing them to the next player. There aren’t many games that cater for this many and there is no down time as everyone plays at the same time.

Each player takes the lead of a city where each of the 7 Ancient Wonders were built and the game takes place over three ages. In each age every player receives 7 cards which they select one of before passing them on. Each card will offer something different, from being able to collect resources in order to build other cards and your Wonder, build up your military, research into science or aid in trading and commerce. You can also sacrifice a card to build up one of the three stages of your Wonder, as long as you have the necessary resources as well. Each wonder will shape the strategy as they offer different bonuses (like science, military or just bonus victory points). Also the card you sacrificed will also stop your neighbours being able to use it to aid their path to victory.

After the three ages have taken place all the different methods of scoring points are calculated and the player with the most is the winner. Each Wonder is double sided with different abilities on each side which adds replay value and if you play with less than 7 players, using different combinations of the Wonders mixes things up as well. 7 Wonders can also be further expanded adding either the Cities or Leaders expansion as well as the extra Wonders Pack.

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