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7 Wonders – Babel

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7 Wonders Babel contains 2 expansions for your games of 7 wonders, adding both the Tower of Babel and great projects for the civilisations to build.

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7 Wonders - Babel

7 Wonders Babel  adds a couple of new elements to your games of 7 Wonders (the base game is required in order to play this), you can use one or both of the two expansions included in Babel. You can also combine Babel with any or all of the other expansions already available for 7 Wonders.

The first expansions sees players participating in building the wonder that is the tower of Babel. Each civilisation can choose if they want to support the building of the tower. Each section of the tower of Babel that gets completed will change the rules for each civilisation, either providing a helping benefit or perhaps a hindrance to your plans.

The second included expansion sets a great project in each age for the civilisations to work together to try and complete. If the project gets completed before the end of the age then the more work you put towards the project the bigger the benefits to you. If you didn’t participate in the completion of the project then nothing happens, however should the project not get completed in time there are penalties for those who didn’t contribute towards it.

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